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EZIPRESS Water Gas & Solar Solutions

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Product Description

EZIPRESS Water, Gas & Solar Solutions



The EZIPRESS™ system provides a complete press fit system for copper tube with specific fitting ranges for Water, Gas and Solar applications.
No more brazing, soldering or flaring required. All joints are simply assembled with a pressing tool for a quick, neat and secure result first time, every time.

The EZIPRESS™ system incorporates a dual indicator system to help minimize user error during installation. The first part of
this system is the “Press Indicator Coating” which is applied to the outside of each fitting. The second part is the “Leak Path Design O-ring” which allows un-pressed joints to leak during the pressure test phase of installation.
Covering size ranges from DN15 to DN100 with a broad range of fittings available, you’ll notice the cost savings on your first job.

The EZIPRESS™ product range is manufactured from high quality copper and DZR brass material and is factory-fitted with either a yellow HNBR sealing element for gas applications, a
black EPDM sealing element for water applications and the latest addition to the range, a red FKM sealing element for solar water applications.
All installations should be carried out by an appropriately licensed tradesperson, in full accordance with the EZIPRESS™ installation guidelines, in accordance with the relevant Australian standards and any additional local authority
requirements. When installed subject to the above conditions the EZIPRESS™ system will provide years of trouble free service.
EZIPRESS™ is a complete solution for all water, gas and solar applications.



Traditional methods for joining copper tube have previously involved heating or flaring of the tube which can be both dangerous and time consuming.
The EZIPRESS™ system uses a pressing tool to produce a secure joint in a minimal amount of time. The pressing method guarantees a perfect seal every time and eliminates the need for call backs to repair partially welded joints, etc.
EZIPRESS™ Gas fittings may be used in accordance with AS/NZS 5601 for gas applications including:

• Natural Gas, and
• Liquid Propane Gas (L.P.G)

EZIPRESS™ Water fittings may be used in accordance with AS/NZS 3500 for water applications including:

• Hot and Cold Potable Water,
• Grey Water, and
• Waste and Drainage Systems.

EZIPRESS™ Solar fittings may be used in accordance with
AS/NZS 3500 for water applications including:

• Solar Hot Water.

Copper Tube

EZIPRESS™ gas fittings are suitable for use on all copper tube provided it complies with AS 1432 and is installed in accordance with AS/NZS 5601 for pressure applications not exceeding 200kPa. EZIPRESS™ water & solar fittings are suitable for use on all copper
tube which complies with AS 1432 (being either Type A, or B) and must be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 3500. EZIPRESS™ water & solar fittings are not suitable for installation using annealed copper tube.

Fittings - Gas

EZIPRESS™ gas fittings are manufactured from high quality copper and/or DZR brass material with a factory-fitted high performance yellow Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) sealing element. HNBR is widely known for its physical strength and retention of properties after long-term exposure to heat, oil and chemicals.
HNBR is not suitable for food contact applications and cannot be used in drinking water applications. All EZIPRESS™ gas fittings are stamped with a yellow “G” for easy identification. All EZIPRESS™ gas fittings are manufactured to comply with AS 3688. Furthermore they have undergone testing to AS 3688 & BS 8537. Installations should be carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 5601.

Fittings - Water

EZIPRESS™ water fittings are manufactured in high quality copper or DZR brass material with a factory-fitted high performance black Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) sealing element. EPDM is a synthetic rubber product that is strong and flexible, resists decay and provides good resistance to aging, ozone, sunlight, weathering and hot water, which makes it ideal for seals in a broad range of applications. It is also recommended for drinking water applications. All EZIPRESS™ water fittings are stamped with a blue “W” for easy identification. In accordance with AS 3688, EZIPRESS™ water fittings can operate within temperature range of -20°C to 95°C. All EZIPRESS™ Water fittings are manufactured to comply with AS 3688 and carry the Watermark licence number WMKA23102. Installations should be carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 3500.

Fittings - Solar

EZIPRESS™ Solar fittings are manufactured in high quality copper or DZR brass material with a factory-fitted high performance red Fluoroelastomer (FKM) sealing element. Fluoroelastomers are speciality polymers that possess excellent resistance to elevated temperatures making them ideal for solar applications. All EZIPRESS™ solar fittings are stamped with a Red “S” for easy identification.
In accordance with AS 3688 EZIPRESS™ solar fittings can operate within temperature range of -20°C to 170°C. All EZIPRESS™ solar fittings are manufactured to comply with AS 3688 and carry the Watermark licence number WMKA23102. Installations should be carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 3500.

Fittings - Press Warning Indicator

All EZIPRESS™ fittings now have a new press warning indicator label. A press warning indicator label is attached to all press joints so that any unpressed fittings are clearly visible. Simply tear off once the joint has been pressed.

Features and Benefits

Press Jointing Method:

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Simple to use
  • Decreased risk of operator error
  • Press warning indicator to identify any unpressed fittings

Flame-free Assembly: 

  • Increased safety
  • No need for gas cylinders or Hot Works permits
  • Reduced costs on welding consumables

Size Range - DN15 – DN100

  • Fittings available for most tasks

Full Flow Fittings:

  • In most cases fittings maintain full bore size of tube

Dedicated Tooling:

  • Generally puts the product out of reach of non-tradespeople, thereby securing your livelihood

Installation Considerations

EZIPRESS™ Gas should always be installed in compliance with AS/NZS 5601. EZIPRESS™ Water & Solar fittings should always be installed in compliance with AS/NZS 3500.
All installations should be by appropriately licensed tradespeople, in full accordance with the EZIPRESS™ installation guidelines, the relevant Australian standards and any additional local authority requirements. Most installation requirements can be sourced from this document.

Copper Tube Cutting

It’s recommended that copper tube should only be cut with a wheel-type tube cutter. To prevent damage to the sealing ring, it is essential to deburr both the inside and outside of all copper tube prior to insertion of any EZIPRESS™ fitting.

Working Pressure

EZIPRESS™ Gas is suitable for use in applications covered by AS/NZS 5601, where all consumer piping is restricted to 200kPa maximum pressure. All EZIPRESS™ water, solar and gas fittings have been tested to a maximum operating pressure of 1600kPa.

Protection of Sealing Element
The sealing element is critical to the integrity of the joint. Care should be taken to protect it from damage. Simple precautions include:

  • Ensuring the seal ring is properly located in the fitting
  • Ensuring the ring is well lubricated
  • Ensuring the ring is not contaminated by any foreign material

Connection to Other Materials

EZIPRESS™ is suitable for connection to most existing pipe work systems by utilizing our range of EZIPRESS™ threaded adaptors. When installing an EZIPRESS™ threaded adaptor, it is recommended that the threaded connection be installed first, before performing the pressing operation. It is important that the
spanner flats on the fittings are used rather than gripping the tube section of the fitting.

Minimum Clearances

When installing two EZIPRESS™ fittings in close proximity to one another, it’s essential that a minimum clearance be maintained between the two. This ensures that the tube being pressed is free of any deformities which might be caused in the pressing
process. The table below provides the minimum clearances required between two fittings:

Nom Size Minimum Clearance (mm)
DN15 - 5
DN20 - 5
DN25 - 5
DN32 - 15
DN40 - 20
DN50 - 20
DN65 - 20
DN80 - 20
DN100 - 20

When an EZIPRESS™ fitting is being installed close to an existing brazed fitting, the clearances in the following table need to be observed. This will ensure that the press fitting is kept clear of tube that may have been excessively annealed during the brazing

Nom Size Minimum Clearance (mm)
DN15 - 10
DN20 - 10
DN25 - 15
DN32 - 15
DN40 - 20
DN50 - 20
DN65 - 20
DN80 - 20
DN100 -20

Brazing close to EZIPRESS™ fitting joints should be avoided as the heat generated by the process can damage the seals of the fitting. To ensure that damage is not caused, the minimum clearances in the following table should be observed. It’s also
recommended that additional heat suppression methods are employed to prevent damage to the joint.

Nom Size Minimum Clearance(mm)
DN15 400
DN20 500
DN25 700
DN32 900
DN40 1000
DN50 1300
DN65 1700
DN80 2100
DN100 2600

Protection From Physical Damage
Due care should be taken to protect EZIPRESS™ fittings from any mechanical or chemical damage both prior to, during and after installation.
Where EZIPRESS™ fittings and/or copper tube penetrate timber or metal framework, appropriate precautions should be taken to protect it from damage. Holes should be sized to allow for longitudinal movement, expansion and contraction, whilst still
securing the pipe adequately. Suitable grommets or sleeves should be used in metal frames to protect the EZIPRESS™ fittings and copper tube from abrasion.

All EZIPRESS™ fittings should be clipped by way of a recognized fixing which complies with the requirements of AS/NZS 5601 for gas applications or AS/NZS 3500 for water and solar applications. Fixing spacing should be observed for both horizontal and vertical pipe runs as outlined on the table below.

Nom Size Vertical or Horizontal Run Spacing (m)
DN15 1.5
DN20 1.5
DN25 2.0
DN32 2.5
DN40 2.5
DN50 3.0
DN65 3.0
DN80 3.0
DN100 4.0

For pipe work being suspended on rod hangers the minimum diameter of the rod hanger should be 9.5mm for all tube sizes up to and including 50mm and 12.7mm up to 100mm.

Chases, In-Slab, Under-floor
Where EZIPRESS™ fittings and copper tube are installed in chases or cast in slabs the installation must be in accordance with AS/NZS 5601 for gas applications and AS/NZS 3500 for water applications and/or any other relevant building regulations or

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